Peacebuilding is hard. For women peacebuilders, it's even harder.

Every day, courageous women strive to transform the conflicts that plague their communities. They do it while facing discrimination, inequality, silencing, and even physical violence.

The stories of these undeterred heroes rarely make the headlines. On November 7th, however, we’re bringing them to you from around the world.

Join Us Thursday November 7th

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The 2019 Common Ground Awards

She is smart, brave, humble, confident, and you can support her. All ticket proceeds will directly support efforts to put a gender advisor in each region where Search for Common Ground works.

This year’s ceremony will be highlighting Search for Common Ground’s commitment to amplifying the voices, creativity, and work of women as peacebuilders, and honoring the people of Canada and their Feminist International Assistance Policy

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About the Awards

The Common Ground Awards are presented annually to honor outstanding accomplishments in conflict resolution, negotiation, community building, and peacebuilding. Recipients have made significant contributions toward bridging divides and finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems. We honor those who deal with conflict in new ways; who meet crises with creativity, wisdom and courage; who inspire and bring hope to others. Recipients of the Award work in their local communities or internationally. They show us what can be achieved when we work with, and for, each other.


Galas are expensive. Your support will directly assist our efforts to put a gender advisor in each region where Search for Common Ground works. As unique as #ShethePeacebuilder is, so are the sponsorships. We’re looking to partner with vendors that share our values, and would be happy to create a custom sponsorship package for your team. For more information, please contact us today.


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