Join us on an unforgettable journey through Tunisia, the bustling country that sparked the Arab Spring. Led by our CEO Shamil Idriss, you will explore the vibrant culture, learn the rich history, and get a firsthand view of programs by Search for Common Ground to build democracy. As the trip will be family-friendly, we encourage guests to bring children, spouses, partners or friends.

“While we may be accustomed to great leaders providing moral clarity and inspiration — the Martin Luther Kings and Nelson Mandelas of the world — the face of modern peacemaking is much more local…. These local heroes can have a real impact, beneath the headlines of some of the world’s gravest crises.”


  • Meet with leaders from across society, including youth activities, government ministers, and police officers

  • Visit beautiful cultural venues and important historical sites

  • Go backstage for The President, a new reality TV show in which contestants vie to win an onscreen election

  • Tour Search programs focused on youth support, police-community relations, and prison reintegration

  • Learn about the legacy of the Arab Spring and challenges that Tunisia faces in strengthening its young democracy

  • Explore the complex dynamics of Tunisian politics surrounding an October election

  • Have candid discussions about activism, religion, and politics over local cuisine

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Dates: October 20-October 26

Cost: $10,000 per participant, not including travel

Sites: Tunis, Carthage (possible), Dougga (possible)

Registration: Please complete the form below

What’s Included

  • 6 days and nights of luxury accommodations

  • All in-country transportation

  • All meals and snacks provided

  • A cultural immersion with the local Tunisian Search team

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